Property Maintenance

Who are the investors?

Whats included?

We've designed our maintenance programme to give peace of mind.

Each property gets:

  • A dedicated Property Manager
  • Buildings insurance
  • Regular gas and electrical safety inspections
  • and an annual repairs budget.

The annual repairs budget could be used to mend a broken boiler, for example, or fix some minor issues elsewhere.

Some things (like replacing light bulbs) will still be down to the home owner, and we'll provide a full breakdown of who's responsible for what so everyone can be sure.

Over time, we'll also build up a contingency pot to help with any unforeseen issues that wouldn't be covered by the covered by buildings insurance or the annual repairs budget.

Ensuring you have a safe home.

Once a year, we'll arrange for any gas and electrical safety inspections that are required, and the home owner and property manager can also discuss any updates to the home's maintenance programme.

We can possibly even help redecorate! As the contingency pot grows, if nothing goes wrong, our Property Managers can allocate some of the surplus towards the home's redecoration!

Who is the Property Manager?

Each property will be assigned a dedicated property manager who is there to help from a broken window to a leaky tap. The home buyer can complete minor repairs themselves. However, the Property Manager is there to manage the inspections and facilitate any repairs that are covered by the budget, contingency pot or buildings insurance. They also support the process of getting structural work approved or things that might affect health and safety compliance, so home buyers won't be on their own.

We also want everyone to know that we are committed to doing a great job. We're signed up to the independent Property Redress Scheme (membership number PRS03562), and annually there is a chance to vote on whether to keep or change the property management company.

Is the home insured?

Yes, we arrange buildings insurance when contracts are exchanged, so it's ready before you move in, and we hold all the relevant landlord insurances too. Home buyers will need to take out their own contents insurance.

And if we ever need to make a buildings insurance claim, don't worry – the property manager will handle it.

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