Give your
a home that's
right for you.*

  • A new property investment concept
  • Opportunity for regular monthly income
  • Potential year-on-year capital gains
  • Easy diversification
  • No debt, no direct impact from rising mortgage interest rates
  • A portfolio with purpose
  • Owner-Renters who care about your investment as much as you do

A revolutionary alternative to building a traditional investment portfolio.

*This is not a buy-to-let opportunity.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, but if you google long-term investments, property is likely on the list of top options provided by investment strategists.

However, as regulations tighten and interest rates increase, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for landlords, and with it, buy-to-let portfolios are likely becoming less and less profitable.

Allbricks offers a revolutionary alternative that enables flexible investment in property with reduced risk, potential year-on-year growth and the opportunity for regular passive income.

Allbricks connects responsible homeowners and investors. Changing the traditional dynamics.


Opportunity for income.

As an investor in a property, when the home buyer pays monthly rent, you receive rental income in proportion to the percentage you own. Additionally, should the value of the property rise, so too the value of the investment.

The investor is neither a landlord nor investing in a buy-to-let. And while an investor still needs to manage certain paperwork associated with their investment, they do not have the headache of dealing directly with tenants or fixing the oven, for that matter.

Allbricks brings investors and home buyers together, building portfolios that can provide the opportunity for monthly rental income and capital gains for the investor while enabling today’s generation of home buyers the potential to be home owners.

Social impact.

Allbricks is an investment that generates tangible social impact by helping to make home buying affordable for those currently unable to buy the home they rent, helping them live in the area they know and love as opposed to moving far afield to be able to afford to buy.

Even research supports the view that homeownership brings social and even health benefits.

Investing with Allbricks creates the opportunity for profit, from good.

Am I an Allbricks Investor?

All investors must pass the Allbricks’ eligibility criteria and are therefore qualified as affluent investors, highly experienced investors or occasional investors. To invest through Allbricks, you must be a UK resident and tax payer. They are allowed to invest in any number of Allbricks homes creating a diverse portfolio of investments. Investors are limited as to how much they can invest in each home.


How is Allbricks different?

With Allbricks, you don't have many of the traditional headaches associated with traditional buy-to-lets.

Depending on the home you can start investing in property from as little as £2,000. When you invest in a portion of a property you only have to pay a portion of the stamp duty which is split between all the investors and the home buyer. The amount you pay will be in proportion to the size of your investment.

Instead of having to find and manage tenants, you have a qualified home buyer who has invested in the home with you.

Each property is also part of our property maintenance programme, which includes buildings insurance, regular gas/electrical safety inspections and an annual repairs budget all taken care of by a dedicated Property Manager

Can the home owner buy more of their home?

Yes. After the first full three years, if the home buyer wants to purchase more of their home the investors are required to sell a percentage each year. If the home buyer proceeds with this, you will then be invited to invest in other Allbricks homes, helping more people become home buyers.

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