What Allbricks could mean to you

  • You can afford to buy now
  • Minimum £10,000 deposit
  • Zero debt. Zero interest (unlike a mortgage)
  • It’s your home, not the investors’
  • Not restricted to property type
  • Afford to live where you can afford to rent

So yesteryear.

*This is not a mortgage, Help to Buy or Shared Ownership!

From its Latin origins, the word ‘mortgage’ means ‘death pledge.’ Designed in the era of the chalkboard, the traditional mortgage simply serves a different generation and time. Mortgages represent inflated deposits, rising interest rates, repayments and debt, so it’s little wonder today’s home buyers are left frustrated.

Allbricks is designed for today’s home buying generation. A generation that understands the mountain that is the home buying market.

As a result, you require as little as £10,000 or 1% of the property price (whichever is greater), and so long as you can afford the rent, you're up and running. The home you want, where you want.

It’s robust and it speaks to today’s home buyers in a way traditional mortgages don’t.

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How does Allbricks work?

We want to help people get in a home faster. Unlike a mortgage, with Allbricks, you need a much smaller deposit to buy your home. Cutting the time to save significantly. Plus, no mortgage-to-income multipliers limiting your purchasing power; instead, we use your rental affordability.

Once you’ve got your deposit and found a home, our Allbricks Champions will work with you, not to connect you to a bank for a mortgage, but to guide you through buying your home with Allbricks qualified investors who will fund the difference.

This is not Help to Buy, Rent to Buy or Shared Ownership. It will be your home. You just pay the investors rent each month. This means there’s no debt. You borrow no money, and no one lends money. It’s the investors’ investment!  This, again, is unlike a mortgage.

If you wish to buy more of your home, you can. If you wish to sell your home, again, you can. After all, it’s your home.

What you pay.

What you pay is based on how much you buy. Simply, you buy as much as you can, with a minimum deposit of £10,000 or 1% of the property, whichever is greater, and the investors buy the rest. You then pay rent on the portion you don’t own. The more you own, the less your rent will be.

You are the home owner.

Your home will come with a secure contract that states that your Allbricks home is your home to live in. Not the investors’. So long as you pay your monthly rent, you are the owner. Those walls will be your walls to paint and bang nails into. And that dog you’ve always wanted? Well, what are you waiting for?!

Who are the investors?

All investors must meet the Allbricks eligibility criteria and are therefore qualified as affluent investors, highly experienced investors or occasional investors. Once approved and on the platform, they will be invited to invest in any Allbricks home, creating a stable and responsible portfolio spread across investments.

Can you buy more of your home?

Yes. The investors are required to sell for you to own more. They will then be invited to invest in other Allbricks homes helping more people become home buyers.

Home buying with benefits.

Because we’ve designed this as a new concept, Allbricks has taken the best bits from the world of rental and serviced properties and provided Allbricks home owners with a leading property management service. Should anything go wrong with your home, from the boiler to the broken window, Allbricks is there to help put it right. Protecting both your and our investors’ investment.

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Want to find out what you could afford?

Your home is at risk of being repossessed if you don’t pay your rent.